Truck rentalsWe present part 2 of our 3-part series on the advantages of a full-service lease program and how C&M Motors can provide a plan that will fit your company’s requirements. Part 1 discussed the tax and maintenance benefits of leasing. Here are a couple more things to consider when acquiring a new truck for your fleet.

Leasing Advantages


Besides the tangible advantages like financial and maintenance, cultural changes can affect your decisions. It starts with customer expectations: Today’s consumers want goods delivered “yesterday,” and that mentality is forcing a re-thinking of routes and warehouses. In general, sellers are finding it essential to move goods even closer to end-customers.

But the drivers of disruption quickly expand to include the emergence of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT)/telematics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Operating behind the scenes, these solutions are driving further change in strategies and day-to-day decision making. Transportation fleet owners must also begin thinking about the roles of hybrid and all electric vehicles. Changes of this magnitude, amid so many unknowns, would tend to favor leasing, as businesses cannot afford to be locked in by ownership.


A related issue favoring leasing over ownership is worker shortages. This issue is well reported in the press, but a Forbes Insights survey also showed that respondents are experiencing significant shortages in drivers, diesel mechanics and warehouse workers. This is yet another reason to outsource such challenges to specialist organizations, such as full-service lessors.

Driver shortages are particularly acute, forcing transport businesses to focus ever more acutely on retention and recruitment. A key element of driver satisfaction is the condition and quality of the fleet of trucks. Drivers tend to be happier when operating newer and better maintained trucks. Again, leasing can be an easier means of ensuring an up-to-date and well-maintained fleet that helps support driver retention.

In case you missed part one, here is a link to the article:

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