Full Service LeasingHere is the 3rd and final installment in our series on the advantages of a full-service lease program. NationaLease San Diego can provide the equipment, service, and support associated with a quality lease program. Part 1 discussed the tax and maintenance benefits of leasing, and part 2 talked about the cultural shift in delivering goods and workforce issues that can affect buying decisions.  Here are some last thoughts to consider when deciding on the best program for your business.

Financially speaking, the math has changed as a result of the tax cuts. Maintaining any fleet is becoming more complex amid so many new and continuously evolving technologies. What it all means: Fleet management has enough daily disruptions and cannot afford the loss of focus needed to manage the day-to-day headaches of full fleet ownership and operation.

Through leasing, customers receive the full benefit of using their truck without the exposure, effort and variability of ownership. They can rely on a provider’s network of facilities and highly trained technicians for vehicle maintenance. Leasing providers can also counsel their customers through mazes of current and emerging regulations in areas such as tax reporting, spec optimization and regulatory compliance.

This by no means is to say that there are no advantages to ownership. Rather, the point is that amid new tax rules and so many fundamental changes in the industry, fleet owners and managers need to revisit their lease vs ownership equations. For the reasons stated—and many others—the needle is moving in favor of fleet leasing.

NationaLease San Diego can tailor a program for your business designed to take advantage of all the benefits explained in these articles. Give us a call and let us answer any questions you have on all our available programs.

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