Commercial truck LeasingNationaLease is one of the largest full-service commercial truck leasing companies in North America. It is comprised of a network of independent businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The strength of NationaLease is found in the fabric of its members who are committed to providing flexible, quick responses to all your transportation needs.

Here are some of the specifics of what make NationaLease of San Diego the best choice for leasing your next truck or fleet.


NationaLease is one of the largest full-service truck rental and leasing organizations with over 150 independent business owners in 900+ locations in the US and Canada.


NationaLease has a combined fleet of over 165,000 tractors, trucks, and trailers available for lease in over 900 locations throughout North America.


NationaLease has extensive experience in a variety of specialized industries, such as foods & perishables, agriculture, and metals. We have the range and the equipment to provide you solutions to your specific industry needs.


NationaLease just celebrated its 75th Anniversary; founded in 1944 in Chicago with 17 truck leasing companies dedicated to sharing efforts and ideas. Today NationaLease leverages its experience to bring you

  • Full-service Leasing
  • Long Term Rentals
  • Economic Benefits
  • Logistics
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

Taking all these benefits into account, working with NationaLease of San Diego as a partner makes leasing and renting a better option for your business, offering the most reliable and cost effective, solutions with options for future expansion and upgrades.

NationaLease of San Diego, is your trusted partner in the commercial truck leasing business. A family business with over 37 years’ experience. We stand behind our trucks, our service, fabrication, and fleet services.

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