Contract Maintenance

Contract Maintenance

Fleet Contract Maintenance

Have you ever had a truck break down and get in the way of your business? Then you know that a truck that breaks down when you need it is no truck at all. At NationaLease SD, we know how important a reliable fleet is for your business. That’s why we offer Contract Maintenance that helps you keep your vehicles performing at their best every day. With NationaLease San Diego fleet maintenance services, you keep control of your fleet and gain peace of mind knowing that your vehicles will always be there when you need them.

For a fixed monthly fee plus a variable mileage charge, NationaLease San Diego contract maintenance covers a vehicle’s entire maintenance. We schedule regular preventive maintenance services based on vehicle use to ensure every vehicle stays at optimal performance for its full lifetime.

When the unexpected happens, we provide 24/7 roadside service. And our comprehensive parts inventory means you’ll never be stuck without a vehicle and waiting for a part to come in. Our team of factory-trained technicians are always there to keep your fleet moving, and on the road so you can avoid costly downtime.

Our contract maintenance is designed to be as efficient for your business as possible, with convenient service scheduling, expert reporting, and streamlined billing. From pre-delivery inspections to complete overhauls, NationaLease San Diego Contract Maintenance is there for you and your fleet every step of the way.

Complete Coverage

NationaLease San Diego Contract Maintenance covers all areas of vehicle inspection, maintenance, and certification:

  • Pre-delivery inspection to ensure on-the-road dependability
  • ASE certification
  • Total vehicle preventive maintenance
  • Authorized engine service
  • Complete overhauls
  • Comprehensive parts inventory
  • Extensive tire program including quality brands, repair, replacement
  • Vehicle maintenance data available on the Web
  • Warranty coverage
  • Safety program
  • Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) in compliance with D.O.T


Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our full-service leasing and maintenance programs and how they can be tailored for your business.

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