The Cold Facts About Refrigerated Trucks

The Cold Facts About Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are hot commodities that never lose their appeal. Adding a reefer truck to your fleet expands your capabilities and can put you miles ahead of the competition. From fresh food to flowers, a refrigerated truck gives you the freedom and flexibility to deliver quality products to customers who are minutes down the road or many hours away.

Reefer trucks come in a broad range of styles and sizes. You can configure your vehicle to deliver fresh meat, produce, dairy goods, etc. It’s even possible to select a vehicle ideally suited for your typical delivery area. For example, the size and steering characteristics of the 2021 M and L Series provides superior maneuverability. This makes these vehicles perfectly suited for operating as delivery trucks in urban environments. Moreover, the range of body styles, interior racks, and refrigeration units available allow you to customize your refrigerated truck for ease of access, cooling capacity, cargo capacity, and the delivery range best suited for your operations.

The bottom line is that adding a refrigerated truck to your fleet allows you to increase your delivery schedule, expand your service area, and helps ensure that the perishable products you transport won’t be rejected or returned due to spoilage. Thus, adding a refrigerated truck to your fleet generates considerable savings that add up quickly. This makes a new reefer truck a cost-effective investment that will pay for itself. In fact, it is not uncommon for clients to purchase one truck, and then return in the not too distant future to purchase additional refrigerated vehicles as business plans are realized, and operational needs expand.

Finally, don’t forget that CARB compliance looms over the not too distant horizon. Adding a new refrigerated truck to your fleet can give you an edge on the competition. Purchasing a refrigerated truck in the coming months can make your business more efficient and more profitable as the demand for pre-prepared foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats is certain to remain strong.

We’re happy to help you select a refrigerated truck that meets your needs for:

  • Cargo Capacity
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Purchase Price


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The Benefits of Reefer Trucks

The Benefits of Reefer Trucks

Refrigerated TrucksThe reefer or refrigerated truck is a transport vehicle with temperature-controlled features that are used to haul perishable foods or other heat-sensitive items to their destination. Besides the obvious items like meat, seafood, fresh produce, and dairy products, there are many types of products that need to be kept at an optimal temperature. Items such as flowers, perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs and even antiques require a cool environment for transport.

Here are some of the specifics of what make refrigerated trucks an important asset to your business:

Safe Product Transport

From perishable foods and fresh produce to life-saving medications, reefer trucks make sure your deliveries arrive intact. Floral delivery companies utilize refrigerated trucks and vans to keep flowers from prematurely wilting. Even items such as antiques and priceless artwork rely on refrigerated vehicles to protect temperature sensitive paints and oils.

Temperature Controls

As the range of products varies, so too does the optimal temperature for transport these goods. FDA regulations impose strict and consistent temperature requirements for food products subject to spoiling in order to remain in compliance. The same is true for medical supplies. The refrigerated truck gives the driver full control of the thermostat for maintaining climate control of the cargo.


C&M Motors offers a wide variety of sizes for refrigerated trucks with differing payload capacities. In addition, trucks can be equipped with side doors, walk ramps, hydraulic lift gates, and more to make your deliveries as efficient as possible. Our Custom Fabrication department can add shelving or other modifications to securely anchor the cargo during transport.

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2020 CARB regulations will be taking many trucks off the road by end of year. Are you ready? We can help!

The Benefits of Reefer Trucks

The Refrigerator Truck (Reefer Truck)


reefer truck - refrigerator truckThe refrigerated truck was invented by Frederick Jones in 1930. Frederick was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on May 17, 1893. He joined in the U.S. Army and served the country during World War I.  Upon completing his service, he returned home to his farm where he taught himself mechanical and electrical engineering. During self-education, he worked on several interesting and useful projects relating to sound, automobiles, and refrigeration. It was his invention of the portable air-cooling unit that paved the way for businesses to be able to transport perishable items. In addition to food, his early refrigerator trucks carried medicine and blood, especially during the WW II. Mr. Jones was the first African American elected to the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers.

Reliable Reefer Truck Rental

reefer truckAs summer approaches and the temperatures rise, the need for refrigerated transport increases. If you need reliable temperature-controlled transport for your products, or need to supplement your existing fleet, we have the trucks for you.

Well-maintained medium-duty Hino trucks are a great addition to any business. They offer fuel-efficiency, driver-comfort, and easy navigation in the city. The cab is built with high visibility and super low noise as well as all the necessary features for your delivery crew.

Transport your temperature-sensitive cargo with a refrigerated commercial rental truck from NationaLease of San Diego. We have many different truck options. Our premiere refrigeration trucks are the dependable medium-duty Hino line.  These fuel-efficient vehicles are equipped with 24-26 ft bodies that have a 26,000 GVW.

Make sure your products are transported safely, with a reliable Hino, the leading manufacturer fuel-efficient, medium duty trucks.  Rent or lease today from NationaLease of San Diego. Specializing in food, beverage, and other temperature-sensitive transportation needs for over 36 years. Call us today find out more about our available refrigeration trucks!

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