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Transportation for the Floral Industry – Overcoming the Challenges

Cut flowers cannot survive for long periods out of water. Some, like roses, can be transported with their own little water holders on each stem, but many are transported in buckets of water from the nursery. Both options are labor intensive and add to the transport concerns over crushing and damaging the flowers. Refrigerated trucks with proper racking can minimize these challenges and make sure your products arrive healthy and beautiful.

Flower Delivery Services

Flowers and plants take numerous routes to the final consumer depending on the type and hardiness of the flower, where they are grown, and how they are to be sold. Many growers send flowers to packing companies where they are sorted, graded, and arranged for distribution to florist. From there, the flowers are arranged in bunches for sale. Plants are re-potted or fitted into decorative arrangements and prepared for delivery to the consumer or onto supermarkets.

Making sure these living beauties are handled delicately, kept in a proper temperature-controlled environment, and delivered in a timely fashion makes a huge impact on the life of the end product and the satisfaction of the consumer.

Proper Flower Transportation is Key to Success

The transportation of flowers and plants is vital to the quality of product delivered to the end consumer. Refrigerated trucks take your business professionalism and product quality to the next level. Even if the deliveries are short distances, having the freshest floral products is the best way to impress and insure repeat business.

A temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery truck will allow you to transport delicate floral deliveries in larger quantities, without crushing or wilting. A refrigerated truck not only keeps temperatures moderated but also offers humidity control, another important aspect of floral delivery.

Customizing Your Floral Delivery Truck

In addition to allowing for proper temperature and humidity for transportation, your floral delivery truck can include customizations to best suit the floral containers and packages you are transporting. Making sure these containers do not shift during transport is key to the flowers or plants arriving in excellent condition. Custom shelving and other organization components can be added to your delivery truck to make the deliveries most convenient, efficient, and successful.

Long Term Rental & Leasing

Refrigerated trucks come in a variety of sizes and fabrication can be done to your business needs. Choosing and customizing the right truck for your floral deliver service has never been easier with the help of experienced professionals. NationaLease of San Diego has been working with in the flower trade industry for over 30 years. See what other floral companies have to say about how the right truck and the right business partner has made the difference in their business operations.

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