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Transportation for Meat and Poultry Products

Meat and poultry need to be kept ideally at 28-32°F. As storage temperatures approach 40°F the growth of bacteria increases with an accelerated growth at 50°F and above. Transportation of meat and poultry needs to be properly handled for products to arrive safely for consumer sale.

Transportation of fresh meat, processed meat, and frozen meat products all have different guidelines. Frozen meat must remain completely frozen at all times. Processed meats have longer shelf life than fresh meat, but still must kept below 40°F at all times. Fresh meat have a limited shelf life and must be in the supermarket for sale within two days.

Transporting Fish and other Seafood Products

Fresh caught or market fresh fish should be stored at a temperature below 40°F as well. Safe handling and storage of seafood is important for the quality and safety of the seafood item. Seafood packed in ice or an ice slush is an excellent way of making sure the fish stays its freshest.


Time and Temperature – The 2 Biggest Factors

The transportation of fresh meat and seafood depend on two very important factors, time and temperature. Having a delivery truck that ensures the proper temperature is maintained and has the necessary customizations to make transport efficient, is key to success.

As a local family owned and operated company, your success is important to us. We take the time to listen to your concerns and help you choose the truck, the accessories, and the custom fabrication that can make your job of loading and unloading those perishable goods as swift and as efficient as possible.


Long Term Rental & Leasing

Our Hino refrigerated trucks come in a variety of sizes. We have a team of service and maintenance technicians that are specifically Hino trained and we handle your fabrication needs in-house. Choosing and customizing the right truck for your meat and seafood delivery is made easier by our experienced staff. NationaLease of San Diego has been leasing trucks for over 38 years. Get a more personalized service with dedicated Hino-trained technicians as your transport partners. We understand your industry and want to be your full-service truck leasing company. Call NationaLease of San Diego today.

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